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Welcome to City Soil Services, serving Edmonton and surrounding areas.

City Soil Services is a family operated business.
Our goal is to offer great products and even better customer service.
Let us know how we can help you!

We are available for all your quoting needs. Contact Sales at 780.913.1198 or by email.


Site #1 is now open.
Meridian street has now been closed between 167ave and the CN rail crossing to the north until spring 2022. To access Site#1 the yellow highlighted route is now the new truck route.

Monday to Friday 8am – 5 pm Saturday 8am-noon
Sunday & Long weekends CLOSED

Site #2 is now CLOSED for the season.
Watch for a new site coming soon.

*Hours Subject to Change.
All sites are enforced safety areas. You MUST have your safety gear. All products are available at all sites. Our Goal is to provide you with easy to get to top soil sites that are clean, safe and organized to get you in and out as quickly and safely as possible. We have loading ramps for conveyer trucks for ease of loading with no damage to your truck.
We are available for all your quoting needs. Please contact sales at 780-913-1198 or email for more information.

Please contact Sales for any questions or orders 780-913-1198 or by email. NOW ACCEPTING VISA, MASTERCARD, and DEBIT.

Top Soil - All our soils are tested for clay, silt, sand content and pH levels. Copies of testing available upon request. Ideal for seeding or sodding

Garden Mix #1 - 1 part top soil, 1 part compost, 1 part sand, blended screened Ideal for flower beds and vegetable gardens

Garden Mix - 3 parts top soil, 1 part compost, 1 part sand, blended screened Ideal for seeding and sodding with Extra moisture retention

Compost: The easy, environmentally-friendly way to increase your soils organic matter, water holding capacity and productivity. We now carry Mushroom Compost locally source from the Edmonton area.

Yardage Calculator | Not sure how many yards you will need. Use our yardage calculator!

*Note: Only calculate area to be covered
Conversions: Inches to Feet
1 inch = 0.08 Feet
2 Inches = 0.17 Feet
3 Inches = 0.25 Feet
4 Inches = 0.34 Feet
5 Inches = 0.42 Feet
6 Inches = 0.50 Feet
7 Inches = 0.58Feet
8 Inches = 0.67 Feet
9 Inches = 0.75 Feet
10 Inches = 0.84 Feet
11 Inches = 0.92 Feet
12 Inches = 1.00 Feet



GARDEN MIX #1   $35.00/YARD
GARDEN MIX #3   $30.00/YARD
**We do deliveries. A delivery charge will apply. Please call 780-913-1198 to book your delivery**


Do You Require More Than 12 yards of soil at One Time? This trailer can haul up to 30 yards of Top Soil per delivery.

Watch this video to see a trailer similar to ours in action:

Video provided by